Keyword Research and Competition Analysis

Keyword Research

What is keyword research and what is meant by competition analysis?

The User performs a search in the search engine using a keyword, and the machine will provide the relevant results with that keyword.

With the help of Google tools, we can do some research to get keywords that are popular or whose competition is low.

The importance of keyword research

At the beginning of my career as a blogger, because I have not understood about the keyword research I created an article with a topic that has no search. I wonder, but that article is ranked 1 Google search results But why not get traffic?

Just after I understood about keyword research I realized that the keywords that I was eyeing no one was looking for.

So, keyword research is important so that we don't have to make up the article and finally no one reads.

So what is a competition analysis?

For a new blog or website whose SEO Foundation is not yet strong, there are times when we need to eye keywords where the competition is low so that we can still appear on the first page.

This article is only an introduction to keyword research and its relation to SEO.

Keyword research with Google Keyword Planner

My favorite Tool in conducting keyword research is GKP or Google Keyword Planner. The reason is, because it is free and features complete. In addition, because it belongs to Google itself is certainly more accurate.

Google Keyword Planner Home

To do keyword research It's easy enough:

Enter the keyword, you can enter more than one. To enter more than one keyword use commas or line breaks
  1. Set the target country
  2. Select a language
  3. Click Get Results
Then you will be redirected to the following page:

Google Keyword Planner Result

From here we can see that there are 320 people looking for the keyword buy clothes in a month. On the other, if I replace with “sell clothes” turns out to be the result of 1,900, this means that is looking to sell more clothes than buy clothes.

By leveraging our knowledge of the on-page SEO of the previous article, then we can optimize our website page by using the keyword sell clothes instead of buying clothes.

This is how the basic core of keyword research is like.

Search for low competition keywords

In conducting keyword research, we usually as new website owners are eyeing a low competition. This is because the new website usually does not have a strong “foundation” so it will lose when competing with large websites.

Please read this article to find non-competitive niche and keywords.

Long Tail keyword

One more thing you need to know about keyword research is long tail keyword or long-tailed keyword.

In addition to the keywords you're looking for, GKP also displays the number of searches of similar keywords. For example, from the picture above, in addition to the new clothing keywords, there are others such as buying and selling clothes, online clothing, buying and selling clothes online, etc.

From here, if we optimize the website for keywords buy clothes, then there are only 320 searchers per month. But if we optimize to buy clothes online then the total search is 1,300 + 320 = 1,620.

But of course the decision to return to your hand and the relevant or the presence of your content with the long tail.

Lastly, if your website is an online store (e-commerce) or monetized with an affiliate product, long tail keywords usually provide a bigger conversion rate than ordinary keywords. This is because people who use long tail usually intention buy it higher.

For example, people looking for “blue clothes” with “buy blue clothes”. The first one usually just wants to find information, while the second looks his intention to buy.
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