Steps to Find Niche and Keyword with Low Competitive

Low competitive Keywords

Finding keywords with low competition is crucial for any type of website, blog, online store, business, and others, especially for the new ones.

But finding this niche and keyword is in search of a needle in the straw pile, hard and time-consuming if we do not understand how. Here are the steps you can take to get the keyword.

Before starting, here's some preliminary information.

Don't settle for a small one!

Around the year 2010-2012, finding keywords with low competition is not difficult.

Even after finding 1-2 keywords with 1000-2000/month search we could make 1 website that make $10/day in less than 3 months.

Now different.

All you have to do now is created a website that contains content in different keywords. Create a large-scale website in which it contains various related keywords.

This is because Google demands a website to be rich with information.

In this guide we will look for 1 large non-competitive niche and build websites based on that niche, then from there we are looking for a lot of keyword derivatives.

So there are 2 things you will learn. Find non-competitive niches and find keywords that are also non-competitive.

Now creating a website earning $10/day may be more difficult, but making a website with $100/day is easier than it used to be.

Which Niche is profitable for AdSense?

Many have asked me what niche is the most profitable for AdSense?

The answer, all niche profitable! (For AdSense)

If you are an affiliate marketer, the keywords and niche are very influential towards the possibility of visitors to buy.

But for advertising publishers, all niches are almost the same. I did not say 100% the same, but now it's not too significant anymore.

The ads that appear on the website now have virtually nothing to do with the topic of the website.

Since Google implements interest-based ads and remarketing, ads that appear on each computer vary depending on the user's interest (interest) data collected.

So usually each Google account will get different ads depending on what website they often visit.

If you are eyeing a high CPC, it's better to target the country than Niche.

Now let's get into the main steps.

1. Finding a niche

If you want to create a new website certainly the first sought is the niche of your prospective website. But if you already have a website and just want to find the keyword, please skip to the next step.

The basic concept of finding a niche is to browse things at once until you find one interesting niche or you feel fit. His term, brainstorming.

Here are some tools you can use to find your niche.

1. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a website where we can find websites randomly based on their categories. As a social media, StumbleUpon is not very popular, but this site can be utilized to find niche ideas.

Register yourself on StumbleUpon, then select your desired “Interest “. After that, you can browse the website randomly from there.

There are more than 500 interest on this website. Choose some that interest you and then follow.

After that click the red button “Stumble” and you will be taken to the website randomly in the category you selected earlier.

2. Amazon and eBay

As an e-commerce site, Amazon and eBay are a niche for those of you who want to create an affiliate website.

You can find a niche by browsing the various products sold on Amazon and eBay. Because the products are neatly separated in various categories and can be sorted by popularity, browsing the finished product is not difficult.

Click any one of the existing categories from the menu. Then check the sidebar on the left to go into a deeper category.

Avoid using the brand/trademark as a niche.

Suppose that you chose this product:

Ceiling Speaker

Then your niche is not a Pyle PDIC60, but rather a wall speaker or ceiling speaker.

So do not see the brand but its product function.

3. Reddit

Sites that are currently blocked by this government can not only be used to search for entertainment, socializing, or promoting websites.

But also be able to find a niche.

How many times have I found an unintentionally interesting niche from Reddit, but the intention was initially to socialize.

For those of you who have never visited Reddit before, it may be a bit confused because there are no similar websites in Indonesia. Essentially each sub-sub category or Subforums is separated in a “SubReddit”.

On Reddit There are hundreds or maybe thousands of sub in different categories.

You can go straight to Reddit to browse to SubReddit. Or you can use a website called RedditList to search for a popular SubReddit in certain categories.

In the RedditList you can also see a list of popular and thriving SubReddit in the last 24 hours.

Since the site is a community, once logged into Reddit you'll find lots of chat chats.

Don't be too giddy in finding a niche here, let's say you're browsing later if there's certain information you want to know it could be that information contains a potential niche.

In each SubReddit, in the right sidebar, the moderator installs a link to the other associated SubReddit. Take advantage of this for deeper exploration

4. TV, books, magazines, newspapers

Often when I read print media and watch TV, accidentally found a potential niche.

Indeed, the best niche is usually found accidentally or because the niche is already a default or our expertise.

So do not be frustrated when you deliberately searched for a niche but found nothing interesting.

  • Generally a noncompetitive niche has nothing to do with technology and the Internet. So most likely you will find this niche not on the Internet.
  • Avoid niche that are too general unless you are an expert or enthusiastic, usually in the category of health, fitness, weight loss, business, finance, insurance, technology, etc.
  • Profitable niche is a niche where others are willing to spend money to buy something in that niche.

2. Digging keywords

After discovering Niche, the next step is digging the keywords. Here are the tools you can use to dig into your keywords:
Tools like SEMRush and LongTailPro can make it easier to process keyword research, but Google Keyword Planner is just enough if you don't want to go out of charge.

The purpose of keyword research here is to find out what child keywords you can target for your website, and what potential searches per month of these keywords.

In essence, enter the niche that you find new to GKP, then it will exit the list of keywords that you will use on your website later.

Good keywords usually have high search volumes and high competition (medium-high). Competition here means a lot of Google Ads advertisers, in other words this keyword is profitable.

Your work is not completed until here, next we need to do a competition analysis.

3. Analysis of difficulty level

The Keyword is high volume and the ad competition is not necessarily good, because it could be competition in the search results with other websites very high.

To analyze the difficulty level, do a search on Google with the keyword you found.

In general, I advise avoiding competition with large sites.

When viewed at a glance, the keywords that search results are filled with large sites, Amazon, and other e-commerce sites are usually difficult to get to.

As a basic benchmark for accelerating the process, you can use these guidelines.
  • If on page 1 is filled with major e-commerce websites including Amazon and eBay, avoid this keyword. It is difficult to skip them and this keyword is managed by Google to show only the site of trading.
  • Instead, if it turns on pages 1 and 2 are filled with forums, Q&A sites (Yahoo Answer, Quora), eHow, WikiHow, and small blogs that also eyeing the keyword, usually this keyword is not difficult.
If the search results do not show any of the tips above or if you are still unsure about further analysis.

With SEMRush, LongTailPro, and other similar tools, you can know the competition with a single click. If you don't use these tools, then you'll need to search Google for each keyword manually.

First install one of the following extensions for the browser:
  1. MozBar (more minimalist)
  2. SEOQuake (more data)
Then do a search on Google with the keyword you have found. Here's an example with the help of SEOQuake.

Examples of search results

If viewed from the number of PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) It turns out there are some that are under 20, so maybe this keyword is easy competition.

I say maybe because of this competition relative to each person.

In addition to the number of digits, check directly by visiting the websites on the first page.

After analyzing the competition, you decide whether the keyword is easy or difficult. If you feel you are able to create a better website than they are, these keywords include easy.

Once you've found the fit niche, do keyword research and find at least 5 key topics that are different.

From this main keyword find the derived keywords.
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